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How to conduct a class in the older group of kindergarten

The program for the senior group of kindergarten is to provide and expand basic knowledge they will need in elementary school. Children need to know the score to 10, to distinguish objects, sounds and movements.

How to conduct a class in the older group of kindergarten

Instruction how to conduct classes in the older group of kindergarten

Step 1:

Make time for repetition of the material. This can be done in parts at the beginning of each session, or to allocate two hours earlier this month. You must determine the laggards, focus on them.

Step 2:

Make sure that from time to time view of children's activities was replaced. Otherwise, you will lose their attention. Interspersed between different types of exercises, songs, riddles, games and dances.

Step 3:

Include class breaks, during which children should be given a little exercise. Teach them to do exercises for the eyes, arms, legs and neck. Then, your players will not feel tired.

Step 4:

Try to present a new, complex material in the form of games. Children have well developed creative thinking and visual memory. In addition, competitive games often present element that boosts their knowledge to better digestion.

Step 5:

Teach your kids to compare objects. In addition, they should be able to combine objects into groups on the basis of one or more common attributes, such as color, size and purpose.

Step 6:

Read children stories. Teach them to the fact that the book - a source of interesting information, new knowledge. So you begin to instil in them a love of reading. To quickly learn the continuation of tales, the child will tend to learn to read on their own.

Step 7:

Pay great attention to discipline in the classroom. Prepare children to that school need to sit still during a lesson, answer, only raising his hand, not to interrupt his comrades and walk not in the class.

Step 8:

Teach your kids to count and ordinal numbers to call. Also include in the program of exercise on the preparation and selection of ravnochislennyh sets.

Step 9:

Show kids as a whole can be divided into parts. Crush the object into several parts, and then connect share, again received the original item.