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How to convince a child self-confidence

Insecure child and so much suffering and ridicule of peers and parents' constant accusations further humiliate him. How to make a little stop pessimist discouraged?

How to convince a child self-confidence

Instruction how to inspire the child self-confidence

Step 1:

A common mistake parents is that they praise the child only for the eyes, telling friends and acquaintances, which he is a good, intelligent, educated, and the like, but forget to say the same thing to him. Moreover, he does not hear from the mouths of their parents nothing but comments, and do not even realize that before other his praise in every way. Consider whether it is possible at least sometimes to praise the baby with him?

Step 2:

Children's sense of humor is different. Adult hardly be offended if he jokingly called, say, a fool - he will understand the tone that the other person says the word is not serious. The child is more straightforward - such a joke can inflict deep emotional wound. Do not Mess with the children so.

Step 3:

Another reason for the child's self-doubt - a constant reminder of truisms. The phrases "straightened his collar," "brush your hair," "do not forget to eat breakfast," "sit at a desk directly", sounding every day before going to school, your son or daughter may be perceived as "you're a fool, constantly forgets everything, all you have to remind". These reminders can ruffle even an adult, and even more so - the child.

Step 4:

Of course, the reason for a lack of confidence can be not only parents. Sometimes it can cause an imbalance in progress when student are some very good discipline, but on the other he learns terrible. Explain to your child that God gives people different talents, because otherwise the result would be an excess of some specialists and lack other. But still help him to understand the subjects in which he is not strong.

Step 5:

Overpraise child - the other extreme. Never say no to him that he is worse than all, or that he is the best. Nurture of his realist: say that it is somewhat superior to peers only in certain areas, and they, in turn, stronger than him in others. Give specific examples, "Mary plays the piano (singing, painting, writing essays, dances, equalizes chemical reactions), but you are great to build a ship model (burns, to solve problems in physics, programmiruesh, playing basketball, reading in German) ". Teach him that he, like any other person, has its own niche, its purpose.

Step 6:

Do not be afraid that non-formal education will cause lack of time to prepare lessons - experience shows that children who attend clubs, often cope better with their homework. Select a circle of the child must itself, in accordance with their preferences. The imposition of his class, in which he will endure repeated failures, strengthen self-confidence is not conducive. Passion, in which he fully manifest itself, will boost his self-esteem.