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How to cook porridge for feeding

Your baby celebrated 5-6 months and it is time to introduce solid foods. Typically, the first in the infant diet is introduced vegetable purees or dairy-free cereal. If your baby is not gaining weight, the pediatrician will recommend that you start with solid foods is porridge.

How to cook porridge for feeding

You will need:

- cereals; - Water, breast milk or dry milk mixture; - Grinder.

Instruction how to cook porridge for feeding

Step 1:

Choose cereals, of which you will prepare porridge for your baby. For the first feeding is to abandon cereals containing gluten, gluten protein food, they should be administered in the diet of the child closer to the year. For gluten-free porridge include rice, buckwheat and corn. Rice porridge is rich in dietary fiber, but it should be administered cautiously kiddies with a tendency to constipation. Corn grits contains protein, iron and fiber. Buckwheat energizes delivers body vitamins B1, B2, PP, as well as zinc, copper and magnesium.

Step 2:

Go through the rump, then rinse it well and dry. Peremel beans in a coffee grinder to a state of flour. Please note that the grinder was absolutely clean, residue-free coffee, spices. It is desirable for this purpose to buy a separate appliance.

Step 3:

The first time cook porridge on the water or vegetable broth. Please acquaint baby with 5% liquid porridge. To do this, take 1 hour. L. cereal flour per 100ml water. And then gradually increase the density to 8-10% - 100 ml of liquid take 1.5-2 tsp.. cereals. Do not add any salt in porridge or sugar. Pour the required amount of cereal into the boiling water, stir to avoid lumps, and cook until tender.

Step 4:

Then wipe the finished porridge through a sieve and cool. During cooking, periodically stir the porridge. Refill the water should not be. Just before serving, add the porridge breast milk or dry milk mixture. One month after the introduction of complementary foods, you can also add 3 g of butter or 0,5 hours. L. vegetable oil. When the child is accustomed to all three types of cereals, cook porridge from a mixture thereof.

Step 5:

Cook porridge with milk, only when a pediatrician will allow you to enter into the diet of dairy products. Boil barley in the water until almost cooked, then pour some milk and bring to a boil. Towards the year in cereals can add pieces of fruit and vegetables. Constantly watch the reaction on the skin of the baby bowel movement.