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How to cook the porridge mixture

Many pediatricians do not recommend cow's milk until the child reaches two years of age. But it was milk - the basis for a useful and necessary in baby food cereals. Is there an alternative to the usual product? Of course. Try to cook porridge in a balanced infant formula.

How to cook the porridge mixture

You will need:

- baby food (formula 2 or 3); - Cereals, cereal flakes or flour; - an Apple.

Instruction on how to cook the porridge mixture

Step 1:

At the heart of children's cereals - rice, buckwheat and oatmeal. You can buy ready-made, but you can prepare it yourself, the resin in a coffee grinder or food processor, oats, rice, millet or buckwheat.

Step 2:

For cereals suitable infant formula designed for babies older than 6 months (most manufacturers refer to the formula numbers 2 or 3). To preserve the vitamins and minerals contained in the mixture, add it to the already finished cereal, without subjecting further cooking.

Step 3:

Put in a saucepan selected cereals and fill it with boiling water. To porridge turned out successful, that is neither too thick nor too liquid, select the correct proportion of cereals. On one part of rice, millet or oat groats Take 3 parts water to 1 part buckwheat will need 2 parts water.

Step 4:

Put the pan on a hot stove. Porridge made from flour or ground cereal is cooked quickly - no more than 3-5 minutes. Remove it from the heat and cool to an acceptable temperature for the food. The finished pudding vsypte mixture. Add half the usual proportions - when feeding the diluted mixture to 100 ml of the liquid mixture takes 3 spoons in the porridge require the same amount of a half of a spoon. Kids better not to add to the porridge or salt or sugar.

Step 5:

Another option involves cooking porridge cereals on the water, bringing the porridge until cooked in the oven, and then place it in a blender. Processed cereal blender has a slightly different structure, and some children like. As always mashed add the mixture, stir thoroughly.

Step 6:

Children after a year you can offer and semolina. Try to make it a delicious mousse. In a saucepan, boil the water, sprinkle in semolina and stir. Boil the mixture a few minutes and add the grated peeled apple. Cook all together until ready. Remove from heat, cool slightly and add the dry mixture. Mix thoroughly porridge.