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How to cope with fears of the child

Children's fears - an emotional response of children to different situations and objects that are perceived as threatening. Fear has many characteristics and varies depending on the age of the child. To assist in the fight against childhood fears - a direct duty of the parents. Any fear can seriously affect the inner world of the baby and affect his future life.

How to cope with fears of the child

You will need:

- patience and understanding.

Instruction how to cope with fears of the child

Step 1:

Took seriously all complaints, fears and concerns of your child. Do not laugh at what he says, do not tease him.

Step 2:

Pick a convenient moment when the baby will be in a good mood, and discuss with him his fears. Your main task - to understand what bothers the child and what is the cause of fear.

Step 3:

Give your child understand that he is not alone. Explain that all people are afraid of something or tell him about their children's fears.

Step 4:

Behave calmly and confidently. Do not forget that frightened children lack confidence. Give your child feel that you are his support and control of the situation.

Step 5:

Do not be ashamed of the child's sense of fear. Then he will hide it from you, and fear will only increase. In this case, the child may feel completely alone, which often leads to depression.

Step 6:

Never fear to raise a child. Remember, a child, which for the sake of obedience to scare babaykoy or evil uncle grows fearful, doubtful and closed in itself.

Step 7:

Encourage your child to draw their fears. Give him a pencil and paper and ask them to portray them in a bright color. Then come up with a story about monsters fun in which they become good and good. Gradually, the baby will calm down and begin to deal with their fears alone.

Step 8:

Most praise the child for overcoming any fear. For him, this is the best promotion. In no case do not let the child understand that you become him less love or respect for his fears.

Step 9:

Create a harmonious atmosphere in the family. Surround your baby with love, care, attention, and do not leave him alone with their fears.

Step 10:

Do not overload the child's imagination. Avoid aggressive cartoons, books, toys and music.

Step 11:

Do not leave your child alone with people unfamiliar to him.

Step 12:

Tells the child before bedtime stories and good stories in which there is a goodie. Then the child will associate themselves with such a brave hero and it will be easier to overcome all your fears.