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How to cope with the weather

There is a weighty opinion that have pogodok is the best option for the best parenting. They are less selfish and greedy, more sociable. The weather protect each other from an early age, we are very close to each other. They are less angrily reacting to the seizure of their toys other children. The tiny difference in age gives children a lot of common interests and tastes, they play well together, perfectly taking up each other.

How to cope with the weather

Instruction how to cope with the weather

Step 1:

In the education of children pogodok one of the major and necessary things is to bring children to the regime of uniformity. Try to create a schedule in which it will be convenient for everyone. If the older child want to play, do not constantly sniff at him. Try to put a junior in a kitchen or other room.

Step 2:

Prepare for the birth of a baby brother or sister both physically (accustom to sleep separately, dispense with the stroller), and psychologically. Often, already quite independent children when a fourth member of the family begin to "fall into childhood." They behave like a newborn, requiring a lot of attention. Do not blame the child, just calmly explain that he had already outgrown this age. When requests something to bring or to submit, use the pronoun "I" instead of "him" (brother or sister).

Step 3:

If the education-pogodok children, especially at first, simply need outside help. But we should not completely give the first child in the care of nannies or grandparents. Try and give it the attention and love. Let Dad, Grandma also help in the upbringing of the younger child. At this time you turn your attention to the elder.

Step 4:

While walking is very difficult to keep track of both children. So try to time the birth of a baby to teach senior walk without a wheelchair. In addition, a child in a year or two is very mobile, and above it need more careful monitoring. We need time to make secure and to catch the evader does not put in place tomboy. It's hard enough to do when you need to follow even for a stroller. To solve this problem you can buy for the younger sling.

Step 5:

Special hassle delivers winter walk. To a child, you are already dressed, not standing and not be soared in a fur coat, train senior cope with buttons and shoes independently. Especially in this age kids develop the habit of "myself." It would be nice it was to buy him shoes and clothing with Velcro on the buttons.

Step 6:

When children grow up, do not take an older child for an adult, because he still has a little. Not the requirements of the increased demands, do not develop in him a feeling of unhealthy rivalry or jealousy. Toys, books, clothes, buy the kids at the same time.

Step 7:

Do not insulate the eldest child of the youngest. Let him help you to look after him or play with the toddler. More tell and explain to the child. It is not necessary to discard the usual rituals for the two of you. If, before the birth of her second baby you, putting to bed the firstborn, lay beside him and read bedtime stories, keep this matter. Try to build a day so that at the time did not require the younger self of your attention.

Step 8:

Usually parents pogodok there is no problem with the choice of school or kindergarten. Give children one educational institution, where both of them will need the support of each other. As for leisure activities, there is better to take into account the individual wishes of each.

Step 9:

After two years to bring pogodok becomes much easier and simpler than children with a big age difference. They are well organized with each other, they are together much more interesting. Oldest child will feel like a real assistant in the education of younger brother or sister. This sense of responsibility for the near future will bring to him the only benefit.