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How to create a child's skill

As they get older the child gradually takes possession of a wide variety of skills. The task of parents (and then tutors) - to help your child to successfully develop new action for him. For example the crumbs accustom to use the potty (and this is one of the basic skills of early childhood) is convenient to note the role of the parent in the main stages of the formation of skills in general.

How to create a child's skill

Instruction how to build skill in a child

Step 1:

Every child is different. In all matters of child development to be guided better than the average figures, and the pace of inherent right for your crumbs. This also applies to the development of the pot. As a rule, the older the child, the faster the process of habituation to the pot.

Step 2:

Prepare the conditions for the development of the necessary skills. In this case, buy a suitable pot. This takes into account the wishes of the baby - it is important that the pot liked his little holder. The pot should be comfortable and stable, then the child will be able to feel confident riding on it. Having bought a pot, put it in the room where the baby usually plays. Once mastered novelty pipsqueak, you can begin to teach him to use the potty as intended.

Step 3:

Be sure to show when and how to use the potty. Of course, it will have to show more than once. Remarkably, if the child will see the example of the older children, what is required of him.

Step 4:

Seizing the right moment. Observe the child, and you will notice that before to defecate, he behaves in a certain way (become silent, is in a secluded corner, groaning). At this point, bring him the pot. Additionally, we offer baby potty use immediately after sleep, and after a meal.

Step 5:

Be prepared for the fact that will not immediately be obtained. Be patient. Even with a fairly successful addiction baby to the pot at first will occur "accident". Finding a pool, quietly remind the child that now he has a pot.

Step 6:

Be sure to encourage your child if he gets. Praise and gently hug the baby, so he stayed pleasant emotions associated with the development of skills. But the blame in case of failure or forcing the baby to anything not worth it. Do not force the power to sit on a pot, otherwise the crumbs will form a negative attitude to it, and the further habituation will be possible only after some time.

Step 7:

Keep in mind that in times of crisis age child tends to greater autonomy. Many kids refuse to carry out the requests of adults, even if yesterday happy to respond to them. The child may suddenly cease to sit on the potty, even if you have been accustomed to it. The surge of protest is necessary to wait, eventually everything will fall into place.