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How to cultivate the child's personality

Caring parents are hoping that their baby will grow a successful person, a leader. They rejoice in small victories your child proudly tell friends and family what a talented and clever their baby and how easy it all is possible. At the same time, every child is talented, even brilliant. But in order to reveal his talent, you need to cultivate a truly whole person. To do this, parents need to make considerable efforts.

How to cultivate the child's personality

Instruction in how to raise the child's personality

Step 1:

Role of the family in the education is huge. It is impossible to understate. If you will be directly involved in the education process, to help him develop the ability to support and guide, then you will always be near and dear being very close, and you will never forget and will appreciate all the efforts made since the birth of the child.

Step 2:

Develop child spirituality. After all, one of the main components of the development of harmonious and successful personality is just spirituality. These include: empathy (empathy), aesthetic perception, the conscience (the responsibility for their actions), respect for someone else's life, commitment, self-control (control own actions).

Step 3:

Begin to instill good qualities of the child from childhood (especially empathy), only when the baby starts to explore the world. Show him a beautiful flower, and if the baby will try to disrupt, explain that this can not be done, the flower dies. Suggest simply consider. In this case, you develop at the same time more and aesthetic perception.

Step 4:

Read more baby parables and fairy tales for children. Each tale has its own morality. Help her to understand the child. Ask additional questions to help him understand the meaning inherent in the product.

Step 5:

The ability of perception of beauty is the basis for the development of the child's intelligence and cognitive activity. Taking a walk with the baby, try to pay attention to him, even on the most minor items. Do not forget to express his emotional attitude towards them.

Step 6:

Educate a child responsible for their own actions. Any parent once faced with endless requests for his kid to buy him a puppy (hamster, kitten). Grant the request, even if the child learns responsibility for a living creature. At first, you just need to show him how to properly care for these animals: feeding, cleaning. Then do not forget to remind your child of his duties, but never do it yourself, because your child will be able to get used to and really stop to take care of your pet.

Step 7:

Only a confident child will be able to become a full-fledged personality. Do not compare your child with other children, so you can reduce the child's self-confidence. Self-esteem is formed in childhood, which is why often praise the little man for his efforts. Allow him to help you with the housework.

Step 8:

More fun with your child: Setting up a home performances, masquerades, performances. Laugh, let your kid is not afraid to express their emotions.

Step 9:

Listen baby, never dismiss him from even very small problems, who does not like you will be able to help him understand this. Become a kid example, show where the line between good and evil.