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How to cure a runny nose from a month child

More than anything, the parents want their kid was sick. But unfortunately, it is practically impossible. If runny nose appeared at the baby, then this should be taken very seriously. After all, between his nasal septum a small distance, and the babies are not able to breathe through the mouth. So cold can interfere with the child to sleep and eat. Because of this, the kid becomes whiny and irritable.

How to cure a runny nose from a month child

You will need:

- pharmaceutical camomile; - sea salt; - Syringe; - Children pipette; - A thermometer; - Children's drop from the common cold or allergies.

Instruction how to cure a runny nose from a month child

Step 1:

First of all, parents need to determine what caused the runny nose. This could be an infection or allergic reaction. If in addition to the common cold in a child has a fever, cough, most likely, is an infectious disease. With the common cold can be overcome fairly quickly, within a week. You can use the drops for babies or decoction of medicinal herbs. But do not forget to consult a pediatrician.

Step 2:

Allergic rhinitis is often associated with a reaction to pollen, which is usually in the spring and summer. Either that can be manifested reaction to pets or dust. Allergic rhinitis can occur both with temperature and without it. In allergic rhinitis often watery in large quantities. You should also pay attention to other allergy symptoms - redness, eye irritation, sneezing. If the pediatrician diagnoses "allergic rhinitis," in the treatment of this disease using antihistamines - drops or syrup for infants.

Step 3:

In order to help your child cope with a runny nose, it is necessary to wash his nose by using a syringe with a solution of chamomile or sea salt. Do this 5-6 times a day. First drip solution in both nostrils with the help of non-acute pipette, and then release the nose syringe. Do this procedure must be very careful not to damage the lining of your baby.