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How to cure a runny nose newborn baby

Novorozhdennnye kids easily susceptible to hypothermia and even the slightest change or temperature gradient can cause the common cold, which is not difficult to recognize on the allocation of the nose and whining toddler during meals. But the baby was able to breathe freely, runny nose should be treated as soon as possible.

How to cure a runny nose newborn baby

Instruction how to cure a runny nose newborn baby

Step 1:

Begin treatment of the common cold in the newborn with general measures to facilitate the child's condition and promoting its speedy recovery. To do this, finely chop the onion and place it in a few places in the neonatal room, but not too close to the child. Volatile contained in onions, have a disinfecting effect. These measures are necessary because the frequent cause of the common cold is a viral infection.

Step 2:

Create a kid's room a constant fresh air. However, be careful that it is not enough to cool and wet as the dry air further desiccate the nasal mucosa and deprives its own protective function. To put moisture in the room 1-2 jars with water, and better hang wet diapers.

Step 3:

Foot warmer warms baby. Also put a woolen vest and socks. Wool retains heat well, it is in the treatment of the common cold is one of the basic conditions. At the same time spend a topical treatment. This cleansing of the nasal mucus to restore breathing and the use of anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling.

Step 4:

To cleanse the nose using a syringe or a small syringe. Cautious movements, so as not to injure the mucous membrane, pump discharge from the nose. Further drip carrot juice 1-3 drops into each nostril. This tasty treat runny newborn does not deliver any discomfort the baby nor mother. Carrot juice bury 3 times a day, and only purified nasal passages.

Step 5:

Try to avoid the green (pus) discharge from the nose. In this case, you will need a more radical method of treatment of the common cold in the newborn using a saline solution for rinsing.

Step 6:

If the moment is missed, for the preparation of the solution dilute iodized salt to form a large slightly salty taste. Enter it in the syringe. Take the baby in his arms back to him. Slightly tilt it over the bath and careful movements pour all the liquid alternately in each nostril.

Step 7:

After washing the nose for some time even hold a baby in the prone position. In no case do not place it on the back or side, as the water can penetrate along the Eustachian tube to the middle ear and cause inflammation. Next, use nose drops that are designed specifically for babies. And only after 3 days use natural remedies, for example, the same carrot juice.