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How to cure herpes in the child

"Cold" on the lips of a child - nothing more than a manifestation of the herpes simplex virus. But often mouthed is not limited to: herpes symptoms can affect the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes and genitals. Furthermore, the etiology of diseases such as chickenpox, meningitis and encephalitis, also associated with the virus.

How to cure herpes in the child

Instruction how to cure cold sores in the child

Step 1:

Do not attempt to find a miracle vaccine against herpes - it is, unfortunately, does not exist. As there is no and effective treatments for this insidious disease. Herpes can only mute, "preserve" at the time. Accept the fact that once manifested your baby herpes, will remain with him for life. At least, as long as immunologists and virologists do not find, finally, a tool to help cope with the disease.

Step 2:

With a view to preventing the emergence of the disease follow the rules of personal hygiene while feeding, bathing and baby games. Do not let the family and friends even closer to the baby during the herpes recurrence (and there is a virus in the vast majority of adults). If you notice at the symptoms of herpes, communicate with the baby, but carefully washing their hands and wearing a gauze bandage. It is proved that infection can occur through airborne droplets.

Step 3:

To prevent the occurrence of symptoms of primary herpes infection, do not let the baby to overheat or supercool, give vitamins (in the form of syrups and pills, and "natural" form). Children from Year may be given a tincture of Eleutherococcus - 1 drop per year of age as a tonic.

Step 4:

If the kid is naughty by an unknown subject, look closely to see if he had rashes on the face or body, and take the necessary measures, in consultation with a specialist. If the child has already learned to speak and complains that he has itchy lips, eyes, or perineum, also consult a physician immediately.

Step 5:

Obtain acyclovir (tablets) "Zovirax" (same as acyclovir, but in the form of a cream) and other drugs for pediatric purposes. Carefully read the instructions, because the drugs that help with herpes, a lot of side effects (nausea, diarrhea, headache, convulsions and even coma). However, children under 2 years of their application is shown: 2.5 tablets, divided by 5 doses over the day (acyclovir) or 0.5 lotions tape ( "Zovirax") of the extruded tube (4 times per day ). These drugs should be given over 5 days.

Step 6:

Consult with a specialist about the herbal, which in combination with other drugs can also be given a little kid. However, particularly useful during the manifestations of herpes virus or aloe juice of Kalanchoe, which can be lubricated with a sponge or even give a little to drink. Dosage: up to one year - 2.5 ml of juice from 1 to 3 - 5 ml by 3do 6 - 10 ml, 6 to 9 - 15 ml, of 9 to 12 - 15-30 ml, and from 12 - 30 50 ml.

Step 7:

If the disease is difficult, the child is choking and / or has a fever, call "ambulance" and require immediate hospitalization.