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How to cure rickets in children

Rickets - a disease of the whole organism, which is accompanied by lesions of bone, nervous and muscular systems. The disease develops as a result of vitamin D deficiency and disturbances in metabolism. Treatment of rickets in children should be comprehensive. Therapy should begin at the first symptoms of the disease.

How to cure rickets in children

Instruction how to cure rickets in children

Step 1:

Treatment of rickets appoint a pediatrician. Treatment and prevention must be carried out in several directions. The first is to use in the diet of baby food, the richest vitamin D. Secondly, the appointment of drugs to make up for deficiency of this vitamin. In addition, it is to create conditions under which all incoming Vitamin D is metabolized to the greatest extent.

Step 2:

Nutrition plays a vital role in the prevention and treatment of rickets. It should be balanced, that is, fully meet the needs of the child in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins. For a newborn baby optimal breastfeeding. If a baby gets bottle-feeding, it is necessary to give priority to infant formula, which is as close in composition to human milk. It is important to promptly enter into the diet of baby vegetable and fruit juices and purees, cereal, meat, cheese. This will help ensure adequate intake of complete proteins. Avoid excessive consumption of bread, flour and fat products since they prevent intestinal absorption of calcium. Particularly rich in vitamin D mackerel, salmon, dairy products, butter, cheese, egg yolk.

Step 3:

Equally important is the well-organized daily routine and sufficient exposure to fresh air child. Kids need to do at least 2-3 hours a day. But we should remember that babies skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so the children of the first year of life by direct solar rays are contraindicated. It is enough to walk in the shade of trees.

Step 4:

In the treatment of rickets necessarily use of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. The dosage and duration of drug therapy determined by the physician based on the age and severity of disease. In recent years physicians prefer drugs vitamin D3, it preferably forms a water-soluble (for example, "Akvadetrim"). They are better absorbed in the intestines and have a more prolonged action as compared with oil solutions. The correct calculation of therapeutic dose is important, because an overdose can lead to hypervitaminosis D. Thus there is a weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, joint pain, seizures, slow pulse, shortness of breath. If after a few days of taking such drugs the child begins to refuse to eat, appear nausea or vomiting, immediately seek medical attention. After the end of the treatment course of vitamin D the baby transferred to the long-term use of prophylactic dose - 400 IU per day. Furthermore, in the treatment of rickets prescribed multivitamin preparations.

Step 5:

Integrated rickets therapy also includes massage and gymnastics, especially great value for their residual effects. As an auxiliary method prescribed salt and pine baths, a course of 10-12 treatments. Salt baths are shown loose, obese children, and coniferous - a nervous, skinny, with a reduced appetite.