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How to cut hair baby

In the very first months of baby's life you do not think about the style of his hair. But inevitably there comes a time when the bang is already climbing in the eye and the tips of the strands entangled too much because of the great length. Well, that means it's time to cut. And he liked the first time such a procedure, and then he will take it.

How to cut hair baby

Instruction how to cut hair baby

Step 1:

The main task - to try not to scare the kid. Very well, if you'll advance to prepare their child in this process. Give him to hold the scissors, he will pick the right game.

Step 2:

Before the child's seat on the chair for haircuts, explain why it is needed and how it should behave. Try to explain to your child that you will do. Try to make the child very quickly want to start to get a haircut.

Step 3:

During mowing, keep talking with your child, try to interest him, and in any case do not hurt him. If a child behaves well, praise and reward him.

Step 4:

When a child is afraid of scissors, then the question will be solved more difficult. You will have to act on the sly. You will need to divert his attention, the child should not see the scissors in your hands. Try to cut that it is not noticed. If, however, he suddenly saw them all-taki, try to prove to him that haircut - it does not hurt. You already sostrigla couple of curls, and he did not feel it.

Step 5:

If nothing happened, there is one way out: cut during sleep.