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How to cut teen

If your son outright refuses to go to the hairdresser or you do not want to be with him for a long time in the queue, try to cut it yourself at home. Make it'll be quite difficult if you strictly observe all the stages of a hairstyle.

How to cut teen

Instruction how to cut teen

Step 1:

Before the beginning of the work, prepare working comb, as well as direct and thinning shears. Wash your head and slightly posushite hair with a towel. Then comb their growth lines, and then in the opposite direction.

Step 2:

Then proceed to the separation of partings. First make the basic horizontal parting, so that it passed through the crown from ear to ear. And then the second horizontal parting separating the upper from the lower part of the back of the head. Thereafter otcheshite temporo-lateral zones vertical parting. If the hair is long or unruly teenager, secure with clamps.

Step 3:

Start cut with frontal-parietal area. To do this, separate the control strand width of about 2 cm parallel to the main horizontal parting at the top of the head. Pulling it at right angles to the head trim the direct cut to a length of 6 cm. Further, with the same sling to transgress haircut frontal-parietal region. Use the "strand by strand."

Step 4:

Deal with the upper part of the nape and temporo-lateral zones, using horizontal partings and perpendicular ottyazhku.Srez can do a little slanted, not at right angles to the hairline, then the haircut will look spectacular.

Step 5:

Hair cut hair at the bottom of the occipital area of ​​the reception of their removal from the comb. Lifts the strands from the roots perpendicular to the head. Be careful: hair length as it approaches the neck should be reduced gradually.

Step 6:

With Thinning scissors carefully thin out the lower region of the occiput. Keep in mind that the long strands between the upper zone neck and short hair the bottom of the back of the head should be a clear boundary.

Step 7:

Mowing is almost ready! Now comb the hair so that they will be in the finished hairstyle. Ask your teen to swing his head to the hair formed arbitrarily, make fringing and eliminate defects.