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How to cut your nails baby

Babies are born already with nails, as they begin to grow in utero. During uncontrolled movement of handles baby can easily scratch themselves, so nails must be trimmed regularly.

How to cut your nails baby

You will need:

- scissors; - Alcohol: - sawing.

Instruction how to cut your nails baby

Step 1:

Caring for baby's nails should be using special scissors with rounded ends. Before the procedure, treat them with alcohol or other disinfectant. Wash your hands.

Step 2:

Cut nails child better after water treatment. When they softened, you can cut them easily without damaging the skin at the same time.

Step 3:

Long nails conveniently cut, when the baby sleeps. At this time, it is most relaxed and no resistance. If you do not want to disturb the favorite child, preferring to cut his nails in the waking period, distract the attention of restless. Show toys or other items that can interest the child.

Step 4:

Sometimes, the baby is not easy to persuade trimming a nail. Then the procedure may be converted into a game. Say scissors - a locomotive and marigolds - rails. Next on the marigolds, like on rails "chug-chug-chug."

Step 5:

Put your baby on his stomach and bend one leg at the knee, if you want to trim the nails on your feet. Wait until the child calms down, and then proceed to implement the plan.

Step 6:

Gently grasp the baby's finger. Move a finger pad and cut regrown nail. Thus nails should be cut exactly horizontally. This will prevent the ingrowth of the skin. To smooth the nails around the edges, use the nail file. Marigold on the fingers should be slightly rounded - in the form of a finger.

Step 7:

Do not shave your nails too short. This can hurt your baby. However, if you accidentally injure the baby's skin, should not be afraid. The situation will save a sterile bintik. Attach it to the damaged area, and the bleeding will soon stop. In no case does not impose on breast-baby finger bandage. This may cause an accident. The baby will pull the handle into his mouth, the thread of bandage get into the respiratory tract, and the baby can suffocate.