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How to cut your own child

Brothers for independent haircut girls parents should not. Another matter - a boy. Using the machine, you can cut it is no worse than in the barber shop, spending a few minutes.

How to cut your own child

Instruction how to cut your own child

Step 1:

Ask your child to sit on a low chair. On the floor in front of him, spread some newspapers. Make sure that neither your son, or you do not touch any grounded objects.

Step 2:

Remove the protective machine (continuous) attachment. Instead, install one of the nozzles included in the product package. Typically, attached to the machine four nozzles providing hair height of 3, 6, 9 and 12 millimeters. Choose the one that suits your preferences and the preferences of your son.

Step 3:

Turn on the machine. Move it slowly, keeping parallel to the head, but in any case not perpendicular. Do not push it too much. Keep it only in the direction corresponding to the direction of the nozzle teeth. Before moving lift the reverse unit. First sostrig hair on the forehead, and then at the back, then the sides. Do not forget to cut them, and behind the ears. Make sure that the height of the hair is the same everywhere, if necessary, further walk machine in places where there were long hair.

Step 4:

The duration of shearing, in order to avoid overheating of the machine, should not exceed ten minutes. When finished, turn off the appliance, including from the mains, remove the nozzle and replace it back onto the defensive. Fold the machine and all accessories in the box.

Step 5:

Gently fold the paper and throw them together with hair. Wash your child's head with shampoo, safe for children. If the son is not able to close their eyes while washing your hair, use a shampoo that does not cause tears. To prevent dandruff rinse shampoo. Carefully wipe the baby's head with a towel before leaving the bathroom. Drying hair dryer for security purposes is carried out in another room. With short hair, this procedure does not take long, but it can not be neglected: hypothermia of the head is much more dangerous for children than for adults.