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How to deal with a child in grade 1

Studying in the first grade - a difficult period for the children and their parents. Now it is important to interest the student, help him to adapt to the new status of the student, to establish a relationship with the teacher and classmates. And with all of this is not to forget that school - it's still a place where knowledge is obtained and not have fun with your friends.

How to deal with a child in grade 1

Instruction how to deal with the child in one class

Step 1:

Do not make a university of the first class. The task of the child in primary school - to learn the process of learning. Although the curriculum is constructed in such a way that requires the child of great erudition. However, excessive information overload adversely affects the emotional state of the student. In no case do not run forward, otherwise the child will be bored in the classroom. You can only be complementary to some of the themes from the textbook interesting materials.

Step 2:

Do not ask the child's results. In the first class did not give estimates, and it is absolutely correct. Pricing is nothing, and cause the child psychological trauma and discourage learn very easily. You yourself can see the approximate level of knowledge of the work in the notebook, or after a conversation with the teacher.

Step 3:

Limit the number of additional classes. Leave or only those that the child is having fun, or sports clubs. Firstly, mugs take a lot of time, which can be carried out in the fresh air. And second, some of them are useless.

Step 4:

You yourself can engage with the child. Homework in first grade do not ask, though, of course, there are exceptions. Get manuals and workbooks. Every day, let the baby puzzles on the topic studied in the school, but keep in mind that the duration of the performance of such tasks should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Do not place it for ratings. This work should only help you understand the real progress of pupils.

Step 5:

If a child missed lessons due to illness, as soon as he gets better, catch up. Otherwise, it will be then very difficult to catch up with the other students. After all, the school program to study a new topic is given 2-3 lesson, and it is very little.

Step 6:

Conduct outreach classes. For example, the theme of the surrounding world is perfectly able to study in a museum or zoo. Literary works will become clearer and closer after the performance at the theater. Mathematics perfectly illustrated campaigns for big shopping.