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How to deal with a difficult teenager

Transition age of the child - a real test. It changes not only physically, but also psychologically, and at times confused in itself and becomes unmanageable. But the difficulties in connection with this experience not only the adolescents themselves, but also their parents. Correct behavior during this period - the key to a strong relationship in the family.

How to deal with a difficult teenager

Instruction how to deal with a difficult teenager

Step 1:

Be patient. Continuous improvement of voice, scandals and cries in the house will not be the atmosphere that troubled teens need. You'll have to attend to, care and patience in dealing with the child. Do not take to heart any action that you think wrong. Losing patience, you risk losing your child.

Step 2:

Discard the strict control. The desire to know about each step your child is understandable, especially in puberty, when there are so many temptations. But there is a certain limit, surpassing that you violate personal space teenager that will affect your relationship. You would undermine its credibility if, for example, start reading his correspondence in your phone or computer. The only way to monitor its life, without causing rejection, - communication. Naladte contact, become his friend, and then the information on the terms and methods of communication will be spending time in your hands without much effort.

Step 3:

Be firm in the right moments. Sometimes still need to be a strict parent. So, if your child has been actively violate generally accepted social rules of life, you need to take drastic measures. The same applies to disregard the rules, the institution in your home. Your credibility must be immutable, or respect and obedience will be lost forever.

Step 4:

Allow the child to a certain degree of freedom. It must be expressed in an independent decisions on matters in which it can afford. Barring any pretensions towards independence, you are presently known disrespect and failure to take the teenager as a person. This moment can create a wall between you. It is important to observe the brink: excessive guardianship, as well as an excess of freedom, it will be disastrous.

Step 5:

The desire to impose their way of thinking and life style will not lead to anything good. The value system of the child may be radically different from yours, but this is not a reason to rank it difficult for young people and seek to suppress any independence. Let him be what he wants, do not suppress the manifestation of personality. At this stage in its formation can lead to isolation and aggressiveness.