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How to deal with someone else's child

When a woman, having children, getting married again, a new man appears in the family. He will build relationships with children and be a complete substitute for the father. It is not always easy to get accustomed to his stepfather's family. To keep the peace and tranquility, we have to make some efforts.

How to deal with someone else's child

Instruction on how to behave with strangers child

Step 1:

With the advent of the stepfather family lifestyle changes, there are new rules and requirements. All this can injure the child, so in the early days of a new family life do not force the development of relations. Keep a certain distance with yet another's child. Give it some time and look at each other and get used to the new position.

Step 2:

Do not try to "go to" win the favor of another child with a gift or insincere emotion of his success. Children are very sensitive feel false and cease to trust such people. It is built on trust good relations in the family.

Step 3:

In order to become a child you completely trust him spend more time helping him with the decision of problems with learning or playing together with him in the game. But do not be surprised if it will show jealousy from time to time. It is inevitable, the children's stepfather compared with his father. It is not always a comparison is in favor of a new pope, get ready for an explosion of emotions and protest on the part of the child. Treat it with understanding and patience, be friendly and polite.

Step 4:

Be careful in the education moments, not to look in the eyes of a child despot, which dictates its own rules and regulations. But do not shy away from the educational process. If you punish, it is only for the cause.

Step 5:

The child is bound to be jealous of you to her mother. To cope with these possible only if he sees and understands that his stepfather sincerely loves his mother and her children. Do not attempt to counter this, the child should see you are not a competitor, as a kindred spirit.

Step 6:

If the child meets periodically with his own father, it is possible that it will negatively respond about my mother and her new husband. Be smarter and do not allow yourself to negative statements about the real father. Do you have a definite advantage: the possibility is next to the child and to show the daily care of him. Take advantage of this and wait patiently when the child ceases to receive from a father such statements and to respond to them.

Step 7:

If your family are new children, try not to give priority to the child's mother. Naturally, born crumb will be the focus, and try to feel the joy of the eldest child of the emergence of a new family member. To do this Involve him in the general care of the baby care, let the older feel your responsibility and important role in the upbringing of the younger brother or sister.