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How to deal with the work during pregnancy

The combination of pregnancy and work - situation that faced by many modern women. The legislation provides maternity leave from 30 weeks of pregnancy, obstetric, but operate at full capacity and can not be obtained before.

How to deal with the work during pregnancy

You will need:

- inform the employer of the pregnancy; - To review the diet; - Reduce the number of harmful factors at work; - monitor the health.

Instruction how to deal with work during pregnancy

Step 1:

First of all, decide where you report the ensuing pregnancy to the employer. It is important to do before it becomes noticeable to all without words. Moreover, the management will have to find you a replacement at the time of release. Most likely, the authorities attitude towards you will change, but for better or for worse - it depends on you. Before talking think over all possible behaviors.

Step 2:

Home pregnancy is usually accompanied by unpleasant sensations from the gastrointestinal tract. Morning sickness can greatly interfere with productive work. In order to facilitate the existence, try to eat little but often. It does not get carried away with heavy food, should give preference to fruit and vegetables.

Step 3:

Remember that pregnancy - a time when you need to limit physical activity. Do not lift heavy things, less hurry. If your work is related to the harmful factors, ask to move you to another job that will not threaten the pregnancy.

Step 4:

During pregnancy, the properties of the circulatory system are changed, there is a tendency to edema and varicose veins. So try to spend less time in the same position. If the work is sedentary, get up and Warm up from time to time. If you have a lot of time standing, do not forget about the rest. Cant also needs properly, preferably not bend at the waist and squat on his haunches.

Step 5:

Learn the leadership, whether it is possible to reduce your stay at work. Perhaps you will allow to move part of the work on the house or enter an hourly mode.

Step 6:

At the slightest suspicion of the state, threatening the pregnancy, do not go out to work. If necessary, get a replacement at this time. You can take the hospital by a gynecologist, but his absence still can not become a reason for dismissal - in accordance with the Labour Code, an employer may not dismiss a pregnant woman for truancy.