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How to decorate a birthday cake child

Loving parents are trying to come up with the birthday of their child something unusual - to issue a nursery, prepare original dishes, come up with fun script. And, of course, decorate the birthday cake - the most anticipated meal at the children's table.

How to decorate a birthday cake child

You will need:

For the cake in the form of a soccer ball - oil cream; - Mastic. For the cake with a doll - Biscuit cakes; - Oily cream; - Cardboard, plastic sheet; - Barbie doll.

Instruction how to decorate a cake for the birthday child

Step 1:

Choose ideas for decorating birthday cake based on the interests and hobbies of your child. For example, a boy visiting the football section, you can pripodnesti cake in the form of a soccer ball, and for girls - doll decorate a cake, which will also be present for her.

Step 2:

Prepare a cake in the form of a hemisphere on the cake "ant hill" type. Top obmazhte its butter cream or condensed milk. Prepare a paste of white and black colors. Draw on paper pentagons and hexagons. Roll the paste into a thin layer and cut out the figures on the templates. Then obkleyte polygons putty the entire surface of the cake. Similarly, you can draw a cake in the form of a ladybug, a bee.

Step 3:

Wrap the doll to her waist cardboard and secure with tape in several places. Top cover with foil cardboard. Hair doll lay up and wrap with plastic wrap. Round sponge cakes of different diameters fold in the form of a cone, soaking their syrup and a lubricating cream. In the middle of each cake cut a hole with a diameter of more than packed doll. Place the doll in the finished cake. Leave cake in a cold place before curing for several hours. Then garnish with a skirt the color of cream, putty or marzipan.

Step 4:

Give the cake to form the numbers corresponding to the age of the little birthday boy. To do this, bake a few cakes. On a piece of cardboard cut the desired number in full. Cut each cake pattern and superimposed on each other, promazyvaya cream. On top decorate with optional cream, whipped cream, icing and candles.

Step 5:

Decorate baby cakes mastic sugar, marzipan. Of them can form any desired figures like plasticine. Draw templates - stars, hearts, balloons; or more complex - cartoon characters, fairy tales. Then cut them out of the rolled mastic different colors and stick on the cake.