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How to decorate an apartment for a child's birthday

It seems quite a bit of time has passed since you mentioned the first birthday of their child. However, the hero of the occasion itself did not quite aware of this day as a festive occasion. Now, when the baby has grown up, make him a surprise - decorate the apartment so that the holiday is remembered for a long time.

How to decorate an apartment for a child's birthday

You will need:

- Balloons; - Paints, markers and crayons; - Whatman paper; - Glue; - Scotch; - Confetti; - Serpentine.

Instruction how to decorate an apartment for a child's birthday

Step 1:

Outside the front door, hang a festive banner with the words or a poem dedicated to the birthday. Let the neighbors know what an important event happened in your family that day.

Step 2:

In the hallway, attach to the wall a large sheet of paper, close fit (you can hang on the ropes and put on the nightstand), crayons, pencils, pens. Let each guest will leave your request and drawing for the birthday.

Step 3:

Try to decorate the apartment thematically. Topic select depending on age, gender and preferences of the baby: a pirate ship or a castle with fairies, jungle or sea floor, fantastic planet or cartoon city. You can know the opinion of the child. If you want to surprise - fantasize themselves.

Step 4:

For example, hang in a prominent place a pirate flag or ribbon, decorated with paper flowers. With adhesive tape on the wall and attach the furniture painted and carved figures of exotic animals, fantastic creatures, the inhabitants of the deep sea or cartoon characters. Because you can do serpentine vines.

Step 5:

Buy a festive table napkin relevant topics. Now on sale, you can find a variety of: and with animals, and with pirates, and fish.

Step 6:

Inflate lot of colorful balloons, each paint markers anything concerning the chosen theme:. Flowers, shells, stars, faces small animals, etc. Get all available in the house, soft toys and dolls, Make them sit around the apartment in different places, and each "Hand "on the ball (fix with tape).

Step 7:

Organize area, which will house early childhood pictures of the child, put it next to the first vest, cap, rattle, pacifier, etc.

Step 8:

The largest balloon fill with little notes with small poems or riddles, streamers and confetti. Hang it from the ceiling in the center of the room. In the midst of the holiday gently pierce the ball and with the kids rejoice "fireworks".