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How to decorate dishes for children

It happens that it is difficult to convince kids have healthy foods, such as eggs or chops. A birthday or children's parties want to cook something special and memorable. This helps a simple solution - garnish with cooked items and turn them into extraordinary works!

How to decorate dishes for children

You will need:

- eggs; - Green (onions, lettuce, parsley and dill); - Ketchup and mayonnaise; - Boiled carrots and olives or olives (for decoration).

Instruction how to decorate dishes for children

Step 1:

Transform ordinary dishes into true works of art. On the day of birth Prepare the egg-chicken. To do this, boil eggs, peel them and carefully cut with a knife on a circle zigzag. Yolks rub on a fine grater and mix with mayonnaise. Put a teaspoon of the mass in the egg whites. Here and ready our chickens. Ketchup or mayonnaise (can be a piece of cooked carrots) take a beak and eyes. Seat chicken on green leaves, so it will look more appetizing. You can make mini-sandwiches, adding under the leaves of bread and cheese. Very fun and unusual. Suitable for decoration and for individual sandwiches.

Step 2:

Make the most unusual simple hamburger. Perfect for everyday use as well as for a holiday. Ready cutlet turn into a spider. To do this, lay out on a plate cutlet, ketchup and olives (olives) make eyes and mouth. dish is not complete without a web. Cobweb shape of green onions, thin slices of vegetables (peppers or tomatoes) or simply draw ketchup. Be your imagination, you can make a cobweb of anything. This is required to eat a cutlet.

Step 3:

Make another simple dish - boiled eggs mouse. To do this, take the egg, cut it lengthwise. Place the egg cut down on the plate. Because of the olives (olives) make ears and insert them into small incisions on the egg (mouse head). Eyes can be made from the same olives. Their greens make a ponytail. And ketchup, draw a mouth. Cheerful mouse is ready. Have him lean back on lettuce leaf. So dish looks appetizing.

Step 4:

Every day you can prepare ridiculous dish of quite ordinary. For example, a simple omelette can turn into a funny face. The mouth and nose draw ketchup. The eyes can make them peas. No child will refuse such dishes.