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How to decorate the baby carriage

The child - the best decoration of the pram. For mom there is nothing more expensive than a baby lying in a heap of lace. But give a child Transport elegant look, do not look like a wheelchair other, it is possible and even necessary.

How to decorate the baby carriage

Instruction how to decorate a pram

Step 1:

Consider functional decoration for wheelchairs. Such as trim color umbrella or rain cover. By purchasing these useful accessories, you can not just protect your baby from the rain, but also to give the original look of the stroller.

Step 2:

Stylish bag fastened to the stroller handle - another fashion accessory. It is very convenient to store changing diapers, bottles with water, wet wipes. This mom can hang it on his shoulder, going to the store. Bags are sold complete with carriages, are usually quite unsightly. It is better to make this useful attribute on their own or buy it at the store.

Step 3:

Toys - a great way to decorate a stroller and not let the kid get bored. Look in stores rattle in the form of suspension, which can be mounted in front of the child's eyes. Choose a bright toy without any sharp corners. Otherwise, the kid can playing, and tears prick pen.

Step 4:

The large interior stores sell adhesive images to decorate the walls. The drawings are very diverse. Look for the matching color and theme. They can decorate the board wheelchair. On the hood of better labels are not fastened, they pomnutsya when folded.

Step 5:

Paint the spokes on the carriage wheels in bright colors or decorate weaving of colored wire. Even in the center of the rim can be attached reflective stickers. Then the carriage will be visible even in the dark.

Step 6:

Tip for glamorous mothers and babies. Get in cosmetic or clothing store adhesive rhinestones. From them you can put on a baby stroller name, heart, pacifier, teddy bear. All that fancy enough. Particularly stylish crystals look Wheelchair dark colors - blue, black, purple.

Step 7:

When decorating the wheelchair most importantly - do not overdo it. Still, it's a children's transport, instead of a Christmas tree. Do not forget about the baby safe. In no case do not use in the decoration of toxic materials or soiling. The task of parents - to make the wheelchair comfortable and friendly, and only then - beautiful.