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How to decorate the children's room on the day of birth

Your child has a birthday coming up. Kid all in anticipation of the holiday and gifts. So you want to make this day an unusual, magical and memorable to children's eyes sparkled with delight. Start by decorating a child's room, it is better to do this while the baby is sleeping, to get a surprise.

How to decorate the children's room on the day of birth

You will need:

- children's photos from the family archives; - Drawing paper; - Paint; - balloons; - Excerpts from children's magazines for collage.

Instruction how to decorate the children's room on the day of birth

Step 1:

Decorate the children's balls. It will be great if the balls inflated with helium, then they will not be lowered. Balls, inflated with helium, gather in bundles and hang around the room, and balloons, inflated with air, scattered on the floor - children love to play in them. If finances allow, the festive decoration of a child's room can be left to professionals - firms which deal with holiday decorations. Apart from the standard design options offers interesting shapes, made of balls - they can be as different small animals and characters from fairy tales.

Step 2:

Make a wall newspaper, devoted to the birthday. On a sheet of paper stick baby pictures, make a collage of your favorite images multgeroya write cheerful greeting, arrange the bright watercolors or gouache! And on a poster you can hang a garland of letters "Happy Birthday!".

Step 3:

You do not have time to create a wall newspaper with his own hands? No problem, buy a ready-made poster in the store. Now a large assortment of children's greeting posters with bright pictures and interesting inscriptions. You can also buy a congratulatory train with carriages, where instead of the windows Glue photos child from birth to the present day - will fotohronologiya life of your baby.

Step 4:

If your child has a favorite cartoon character, movie character, or he is interested in any theme (space pirates, cars, girls - a princess or fairy), then decorate the room in this category. You can buy a poster or print figurines of your favorite heroes and hang them on the walls.