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How to decorate the children's section of the winter

Any parent wants his children to leisure was interesting and memorable. Most Active equip playgrounds with their hands, wanting to create a fairy tale for children. Wrong to think that this is possible only in summer. In winter, it is interesting to decorate a children's section.

How to decorate the children's section of the winter

Instruction how to decorate the children's section of the winter

Step 1:

Create a fairy tale, you can use ice sculptures. They do not so difficult as it seems. And children will be happy to help. Keep in mind that you need to create them in the cold weather.

Step 2:

Discuss with the children, a fairy-tale characters they would like to see in their area. You can create a sculpture of Santa Claus, a snowman or a Bun. Be creative with your children.

Step 3:

BLIND figure of bliss. Pour it with water. A little more stuck to the snow and get to coloring. Painted bright ice sculptures are beautiful. You can build an ice house from a fairy tale of the hare and the sly fox, hare kicked. Use any available materials for processing: plastic bottles, tires, vegetables (nose snowman), etc.

Step 4:

If you allow the area, you can pour the ice rink and build benches along its edges for the fans. Children will be happy to hold competitions in hockey and figure skating. Make the fence to hit the puck fans. Very well, if it will be covered.

Step 5:

Oh and how kids love to ride with icy mountains - it is no secret. Make a great mountain, cover with water. Construct steps. Do not forget about safety: the descent from it should not go on the road.

Step 6:

Plant a Christmas tree. Of course, you can do this summer. But after a while, and then for many years, you can decorate it with the children for the New Year and celebrate the festival in the open air. Toys for decoration should be done from materials that can survive all weather conditions.

Step 7:

Be sure to do with the children and hang on trees feeders and birdhouses. This is important for the education of their responsibility towards nature.