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How to decorate the cot

Many parents take an interest, and why? What is the sense in decorating the bed if the child and so are not deprived of toys. There's a meaning. Decoration cot bears not only the aesthetic but also the corrective function. Most of the time your baby is in bed, and decorations will help to develop their attention and memory.

How to decorate the cot

Instruction how to decorate the cot

Step 1:

While the child is very small, buy a four-poster bed. Elegant curtains will serve to protect the baby from insects, light and possible drafts. But as soon as the baby grew up, mercilessly dispose of the canopy. The child is not aware of the danger and can tightly clutching hands in cloth, to bring down the whole grand design. Furthermore, the curtain fabric is excellent "a dust collector", and the dust, is known to cause allergies. Therefore, if you bought a crib with a canopy, remove the fabric and wash it as often as possible.

Step 2:

Headboard, if it is solid, or decorate with applique, if you have the time and ability razrisuy The young amusing. Only using this water-based paints. They are non-toxic, odorless and therefore better suited for use in a children's room. When the baby starts to more meaningfully relate to the world around him to please consider the bright pictures. Use in the future, these decorations for the development of the baby. Come up with tales of the drawn characters and tell their baby at night. Perhaps when the child grows up, he himself begins to invent stories about his favorite heroes.

Step 3:

Buy a mobile and hang it over the bed. Bright, rotating toys will attract the attention of your baby. Kids really like rattles. Buy a special plastic toys, strung on a solid elastic. And hang and attach to the side of the bed.

Step 4:

How to decorate the cot? The easiest way - buy a beautiful bed linen. You can as long as you want to dream on the theme of decoration, but without a good view of the laundry at the crib exactly all is not too aesthetic. Do not buy for a small child down duvets and pillows. Pooh can cause allergiyu.Kak decorate the cot, tell your own imagination. Get the skills of needlework, and your child will fall asleep in the most original beds, which ever existed.