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How to decorate the music room in the kindergarten

Hall for music lessons at kindergarten - a special room, because here for the first time the children are attached to this art. Let the standard recommendations on registration will serve you a starting point for the realization of their own ideas.

How to decorate the music room in the kindergarten

You will need:

- drawing paper, markers, gouache; - Curtains; - A book of children's songs and poems.

Instruction how to decorate the music room in the kindergarten

Step 1:

Arrange stands in the music room images staves, notes, keys. Hang on the wall pictures of various musical instruments such as classical, and folk. They can be cut out of magazines or colorings. It is also good to put the images of musicians, ensembles, orchestras, such as the unlucky quartet of fable.

Step 2:

Draw on a large piece of paper markers or paints picture stave and the seven notes in the key of "G". Stave better to paint a dark, black or dark blue. Treble clef paint the contrast, but not too bright, not to hurt the eyes, and the notes - in seven basic colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Step 3:

Place large printed texts of poems and songs, to design a music hall it was not only colorful, but also carried information. Change the design of some stands, depending on the festivals and events that take place in a kindergarten. Put them on the photos from holidays, stories about them, congratulations young artists.

Step 4:

Place the stands installation of children's creativity, dedicated to some events: the summer holiday, the onset of autumn, New Year, Mother's Day and all the other holidays. Transform the entire interior of the music hall to the big holidays like New Year. Hang on the central wall of the hall a large, full-length poster with an image suitable for the occasion, such as a winter landscape in the New Year.

Step 5:

Change the curtains in the room: the autumn holiday pick up the curtains in gold, red, orange colors; Winter - white, blue, silver; spring - green, light yellow. On the glass windows and curtains can be attached autumn picture fruits and ears, in the winter - snowflakes and other attributes of the holiday, spring - flowers.