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How to deprive the child

Sometimes, undressing or dressing the child, parents can be found on his skin strange pinkish spots oval, the origin of which remains a mystery. Despite the fact that the explanation of the reason for their appearance can be very simple, most of these spots are a sign of skin disease such as ringworm.

How to deprive the child

Instruction how to define deprive a child

Step 1:

In order to be able to correctly diagnose ringworm, you must be well aware that he represents. In fact zoster - is not one disease, but a whole complex skin diseases, which are fungal in origin. In some cases, the perpetrators are depriving children infected can become animals, but most often it is acquired by another. The path of infection of the child is of great importance in the appointment of the correct treatment, so it is advisable still the most reliably find out the possible cause of lichen.

Step 2:

The main symptom is the appearance of depriving several foci of skin lesions on the abdomen, legs, shoulders. In addition, sometimes lichen found on the nails, and scalp, but in these cases often diagnose the disease is already a doctor, so how do you know that it is ringworm, is quite difficult.

Step 3:

At the beginning of its development all the spots have a soft pink color and scaly surface, but much discomfort they do not deliver the baby. In the event that the baby immune system is weakened, it may increase the temperature and the observed increase in the lymph nodes, but this symptom is rather rare.

Step 4:

It should be remembered that in the early development of the disease is seen only one spot, but after 7-10 days pink spots spread throughout the body. The child may feel a little itchy for which he does not pay much attention and may well be considered a consequence of his clothes skin irritation.

Step 5:

The spots rapidly increase in size, but never merge and have clear outlines. Similarly say whether pink spots manifestation of lichen can only dermatologist, since in some cases similar symptoms can be observed in conventional allergy. To confirm the diagnosis carried out laboratory testing of skin scrapings to damage the hearth, as well as inspection in the light of a special lamp in the dermatologist's office.