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How to determine how many days it takes a pregnancy test without

All the important things in life happen overnight. That pregnancy, no matter how prepared for the possibility of its occurrence, is almost always a surprise. Some women want before visiting a gynecologist to know exactly how many days it lasts so desired pregnancy, the other - to stop it as much as possible at earlier timing with the least damage to their health.

How to determine how many days it takes a pregnancy test without

Instruction how to determine how many days of pregnancy lasts no test

Step 1:

I remember the exact date when your last menstrual period began. The accuracy of the date of its definition depends the further calculation of gestational age in days without the use of special tests. It is better if you have a habit to mark on your calendar the first day of the "month" - he is the first day of the menstrual cycle, which typically lasts from 24 to 31 days.

Step 2:

Count on the day of your menstrual cycle, if there is delay the onset of "those" days. At the same time guided by the duration of the previous cycles. If the delay is 1-2 days, and before such delays from time to time there were, it is quite possible that a pregnancy has not occurred, and should wait calmly a couple of days. If delay had not happened, we can assume the pregnancy.

Step 3:

Focus that the average statistical at 28-day menstrual cycle ovulation occurs approximately in the middle, that is, on day 14, but each woman can be individually shifts ovulation day for 1-2 days in the one or the other side of the cycle . Ovulation day can be set using special tests or by measuring basal temperature during the cycle - the first phase of the cycle, the temperature is usually below 37 degrees, the day of ovulation there is a slight decline in her, and in the second phase - a sharp jump in it, or a gradual increase. If the delay of the menstrual cycle is observed and the level of the rectal (basal) temperature above 37 degrees for more than 3 consecutive days, then likely become pregnant.

Step 4:

The subject of calculation, that the ability of sperm to fertilize save sometimes up to 5-7 days, but the term "life" of the egg is short - about 24 hours. Therefore, knowing the ovulation date can be determined and the day of the beginning of pregnancy - it coincides with the moment of fertilization, the egg by sperm. From this day you can count how many days of pregnancy lasts.