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How to determine the child's flat feet

Flat - foot deformation which leads to flattening of its arch. The causes of this disease are: a foot injury, the wrong shoes, muscle weakness, which is caused by excessive load, genetic predisposition.

How to determine the child's flat feet

Instruction how to identify a child's flat feet

Step 1:

At an early age the child to determine the flat is very difficult. For children from birth foot flat. Only when the child begins to walk slowly, it appear the rudiments of the vaults. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of flat and to check the child before the age of five years, it is better with this problem to consult a doctor-orthopedist.

Step 2:

For older children you can spend a special test. It is very simple and even a child will bring pleasure, if you turn it all into the game.

Step 3:

Take a blank sheet of paper, put it on the floor. Lubricate foot child any fat cream and put it on this list. Make sure that it is not buckled fingers and put the legs straight and together. The body in this case should hold exactly to the body weight distributed evenly on the whole foot. Gently lift the baby. On paper remain clear imprints of his feet.

Step 4:

The second embodiment is characterized in that it is not necessary to use a cream. Just put the child's feet dry on the paper and a pencil gently circle his feet. Again, make sure the correct posture.

Step 5:

Then a pencil, draw a line, which will connect the plantar edge recesses. Then, perpendicular to this line even draw a single straight line, which crosses the groove of the foot at the deepest place.

Step 6:

If the fingerprint of the narrowest part of the foot takes less than one-third of the line - that the child is not flat feet. And if you reach the middle of the line, and more - there is clearly expressed signs of flatfoot and urgently need to see a doctor.

Step 7:

Look how your child walks. When walking it relies more on the inside of the foot and standing much deviation heel outward, then this is another sign of flatfoot.

Step 8:

Pay attention to the sole baby shoes: children suffering from this disease, staptyvanie soles occurs on the inner edge.

Step 9:

A child with flat feet, gets tired quickly, it is often sore shin.

Step 10:

In the early stages detected flat feet can be successfully treated with special exercises for the feet, massage, wearing special orthopedic insoles, so do not delay and at the first sign of hurry with a child in a children's consultation.