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How to determine the first stirring of

Through ultrasound, pregnant women are the first movements of their children are visible long before they begin to feel. The first perturbation may be so weak that sometimes are not recognized.

How to determine the first stirring of

Instruction how to identify the first stirring of

Step 1:

His first movement of the fetus begins to make already at 8 weeks of gestation. At first he only lightly turns from side to side of the neck, but just 10 days later the embryo moves his hands, and between 10 and 12 weeks of studies to reveal the mouth and takes the first sip of amniotic fluid. All of these movements is that occur reflexively and contribute to the development of growing muscles and linkages between nervous system cells. Often the expectant mother has no idea what the kid lives an active life within it.

Step 2:

Most women feel the first impulse from within a period of about 18 weeks. This can happen for 2-3 weeks earlier or later. It all depends on placental location and many other factors. The first pregnancy is necessary to wait a little longer than the next.

Step 3:

Most often, the first movement of the child in the womb has been described as a butterfly's wings tickling or splash of the fish in the aquarium. Some simply do not notice anything, and activity in the stomach blamed on the movement of gases in the intestines.

Step 4:

To feel the first movement of the child, it is necessary to wait for the relevant period. Some women swear that they felt their baby at 12 or even 10 weeks, but doctors believe that under the most favorable circumstances occur before 16 weeks this can not. But after the 4 months you can start to listen to her.

Step 5:

The first tremors may resemble touching or tickling or light, and can be easily confused with bowel movements. The most important feature is that they always appear in the same place in the abdomen. If the belly a hand, perturbations can be felt more clearly. Some do at first feel them only when the stomach is pressed tight trousers or a seat belt in the car.

Step 6:

As for the time of day, the most active kids are different every morning after breakfast and in the evening before bedtime. Sometimes pregnant women are advised to eat a chocolate bar or candy. Under the influence of the blood received in carbohydrates baby becomes more active.

Step 7:

If within a few days you are experiencing the above symptoms, you can be sure - it's the "it". And in a week or two, your baby will get stronger so that you will stop doubting and not confuse his tremors have nothing.