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How to determine the sex of the baby in early pregnancy

One of the most troubling issues for pregnant women is a gender of her child. Almost every expectant mother wants to quickly learn who she is waiting to start preparing dowry and coming up with the name of the baby. Some are trying to determine the sex through a variety of divination and table, knowing that these methods are unscientific, and someone patiently waiting for a meeting with the future heir. But modern medicine makes it possible to determine the sex of the child since the ninth week of pregnancy.

How to determine the sex of the baby in early pregnancy

Instruction how to determine the sex of the baby in early pregnancy

Step 1:

The most accurate method of determining the sex of the baby in early pregnancy is chorionic villus sampling. True, this invasive (operational) diagnostic method used is not to satisfy my mother's curiosity. The procedure is quite painful and dangerous, therefore, it is carried out only when there are serious indications, such as suspected fetal genetic disorder. Chorionic villus sampling do with obstetric 9 (7 gestational) weeks of pregnancy, therefore, sex of the child can learn the same time. But if you are driven by simple curiosity, it is better to not give in to him, since the invasive diagnostic techniques there is a risk of termination of pregnancy (abortion). It is unlikely that you will be able to forgive myself, if you lose a long-awaited child only out of a desire to find out who he is.

Step 2:

With the help of ultrasound diagnosis can determine the sex of the baby, starting from 12 weeks of pregnancy midwife. Obviously, this should be a good equipment and qualified specialist. The sexual organs of the child in this period are not yet fully formed, so the doctor can only guess floor baby by measuring the angle of the tubercle is sexual. Therefore, if you do not want false hope or disappointment, wait until 16-18 weeks of pregnancy. By that time, the sexual organs of the fetus, usually formed, so the probability of error is much lower.

Step 3:

A relatively new and safe method of determining the sex of the child is a DNA test. It runs from 9 obstetric (gestation 7) weeks of pregnancy. For his conduct need only a drop of the mother's blood, which contains DNA fragments of the embryo. Upon detection of the Y chromosome in the sample, doctors can almost absolutely guarantee you an heir. If this chromosome is not detected, you can buy dresses and bows.

Step 4:

Another method of determining the sex of the baby in early pregnancy is TestPol. It was developed in 2007 in the US and has already been successfully applied in Russia. TestPol carried out by the urine of pregnant women. Depending on which color to be painted sample after contact with the reagent, it is possible to judge the child field. The study is conducted in the home, beginning at 9 weeks of pregnancy. But despite the fact that manufacturers guarantee high accuracy, many women complain about the unreliability of the test results.