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How to determine the time and date of birth

Determination of gestational age and date of expected birth is of great practical importance. Knowing them, you can follow the development of the fetus in the dynamics, to diagnose the possible complications of pregnancy (eg, premature birth), and be able to timely provision of antenatal leave.

How to determine the time and date of birth

Instruction how to determine the time and date of birth

Step 1:

One way - the definition date of the last menstrual period. However, this method can only be used in women with a regular menstrual cycle. Otherwise, the possible error in the calculations. Take your personal calendar and count how many weeks have passed since its first day. This will be the period of pregnancy. To determine the date of expected birth formula Naegeli used. And ye shall count from the first day of the month back 3 months and add to them 7 days.

Step 2:

Learn gestational age and birth date can be by date of ovulation. Ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle, usually 12-16 days, counting from the first day of menstruation. Often during this period, and there is a conception. With the selected time, count the duration of pregnancy and add 2 weeks. To find the date of birth from the date of ovulation, subtract 3 months and 7 days a week, add 38. This method is ideal for women who have become pregnant by artificial means.

Step 3:

Set the duration of pregnancy can gynecologist according vaginal examination. It determines the magnitude of the uterus, which gradually increases in size. In the later stages of the uterus is well detectable through the stomach, and the doctor measures the volume of the stomach and the height of standing uterus above the vagina with the help of tape. It should be noted that this method is not always reliable. Often the size of the uterus may be larger (with polyhydramnios, fibroids, multiple pregnancies) or less (during fetal malnutrition, oligohydramnios) application of the rules.

Step 4:

Another method - ultrasonography (US). During the procedure, the measurement is the size of the fetus, which correspond to a particular gestational age. The most accurate method in the first trimester. In the subsequent time possible error in determining the number of weeks of pregnancy because each growing fetus has its own constitutional features. Sometimes the expectant mother and the child may have some diseases (eg, diabetes mellitus in women, fetal malnutrition), contributing to stunted growth and development of the embryo or its overgrowth.

Step 5:

Find gestational age and date of birth can be estimated on the first fetal movements. Usually primipara expectant mother feels it in 20-21 week of pregnancy multiparous - since 18-19 weeks. To calculate the gestational age, the date of the first stirring add 5 lunar months. If labor is the second - 5.5 months.