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How to determine who the father

The desire of the future mother to determine who is the father of the child, it is understandable. After all, the joy of pregnancy and care of the unborn baby wants to share with the man who will take direct part in this. However, if you had two or more partners, you may appear doubts about the paternity.

How to determine who the father

Instruction how to determine who the father

Step 1:

Determine the father of the child can be on the expected date of pregnancy. To do this, remember, when you were last month. If you're calendars where meticulously mark the onset of menstruation - is fine, it will help you establish the exact date.

Step 2:

To determine the date of conception of the child, and you need to know the length of your cycle. For most women, this period is 28 days, but may last from 21 to 35 days. During ovulation from the ovary leaves mature egg ready for fertilization. This usually occurs at 14-15 days after the onset of menses. Girls with non-standard cycle, this period should be calculated individually. Ovulation - this is a favorable time for conception. However, one should take into account the viability of sperm in the female genital tract, and the fact that the conception can occur not only in the ovulation day, but two or three days later. Total pregnancy accounts for a period of six to nine days. Dangerous period begins three days before ovulation. If at this time you had contact with only one man, and he is the father.

Step 3:

Even more exact age of the fetus will tell on ultrasound. Making it makes sense to have at time of ten weeks. Your doctor will tell you how many weeks the fetus, and you will be able to more accurately determine the day of conception.

Step 4:

Most accurately determine who is the father of the child, you can use a DNA test. You do not need to wait for the birth of a baby. The necessary genetic material the doctor will take out of the amniotic fluid. Also need to study DNA and alleged fathers child. Following the discovery of the genes matched you will be informed of the men who would be pope. This diagnosis can be carried out since the ninth week of pregnancy.