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How to develop a baby

With a child, beginning at birth, you need to constantly deal with. Every mom is important to know how to play with the baby, how to help develop its vision, hearing and fine motor skills.

How to develop a baby

Instruction how to develop baby

Step 1:

Develop vision baby. Newborn baby very badly sees, he is unable to distinguish between colors and track moving objects. These abilities appear gradually as they grow older. Hang at a height of about 20-25 cm from his eyes red, yellow and green toys, these colors baby starts to distinguish earlier than others. And best of all, set over the crib bright swirling carousel. Your child will learn to follow the toys look, thus developing their vision.

Step 2:

Read books with your child from an early age. This way you will fill up his vocabulary, it does not matter that the baby is not yet able to speak. Sing nursery rhymes to him, tell tales. When the baby is awake, always try to talk to him. Spend his tour of the house, to explain why we need this or that subject. Believe me, it's not a waste of time, the child is able to "absorb" all information from birth. Talking with different intonation and volume - exercise for the development of hearing.

Step 3:

Practice fine motor skills of the child. It is proved that massaging pads of the fingers contributes to the development of the brain. With a child who already sits well, try to paint finger paints. It is better to begin drawing using only one color, gradually adding their number. Yet the development of fine motor skills promote the games with grits and small objects such as buttons. Of course, this process should be continuously and carefully monitored, so that the baby does not swallowed. older child ask to separate the beans from buttons or put them in a box.

Step 4:

Include the child to foreign music. Experts say that for the better development of man since childhood should hear several foreign languages.