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How to develop the attention of the baby

Do you wonder what really distinguishes a gifted child from the average toddler? Not ingenuity and quick thinking, although these associations come to mind first. We are accustomed to consider the mind a sign of progress and success in life. However, the sharp mind is the "right" company that sends him back on track from early childhood. And this company - a good focus. To learn how to teach your baby to concentrate, and will be discussed.

How to develop the attention of the baby To be attentive

However, not only the concentration, but also its stability, attention span, its distribution. All these concepts are used to assess the quality of the specialists of human attention, and then evaluate them, if necessary, to bring to perfection.

Children's attention - a fragile thing. And it is developing many, many years. Of course, under the guidance of parents and teachers first baby. The kids rush to cover everything so easy to switch from one account to another. It is important to inspire, teach to concentrate, carefully learn something.

Attention must be born with interest. So, have you noticed that the child sometimes quite impossible to separate from the new items. Here the first otgadka. To generate a stream of attention, care must be taken to crumbs was very interested in the selected object - a new toy, colorful collage, color, movement. Sound ... Something that would say: "Look at me, do not come off," The more crumbs of such objects for viewing, listening, studying, the more it will be to train their attention.

Collect snowflakes

For this game, you will need some cardboard beautiful snowflakes. You can make them out of shiny paper or apply the paint. Sprinkle carved snowflake on the floor and call for crumbs to play. "Look, what a miracle happened. Someone came to visit us and something left! "Let go of the kid on their own to discover snowflakes, not suggesting directions for the search" miracle. " However, as soon as the baby finds the first beauty snowflake - sincere praise and offer small umnichka collect a whole bunch. "It probably came zimushka winter and leave us your gifts! Let's find them all. "

Music and ball

Sound - another powerful incentive, directing our attention. Would you like to make? Suddenly hail someone from your household by name or drop the spoon on the floor - to react each member of the family, including pets. That is why it would be a mistake to forget and not to use such a smoothly running pedagogical device as learning through sound.

And the sound, and movement (which also attract the attention of the baby) - two of the strongest stimulus. It combines them a rubber ball. Take it in your hand and arm remote from the player, charged music CD. Start - the music sounds, the ball is jumping on the floor; pause - silence and inaction. Then the music starts again and joins the ball, knocking them to the floor, and then suddenly the baby to stop the music and movement of the ball. The kid is not coming off, follow the music and ball. This game magically develops concentration and stability of attention.