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How to develop the child's mode

While still in my mother's tummy, the child spent a lot of time in their sleep. After the birth of the first month he is in a state of sleep about 20 hours a day. he can awake remaining time. During this period, talking about a special mode is not necessary. But the older kid gets, the more important for him and for parents to establish a specific daily routine: most of the night baby to sleep, and in the afternoon it is desirable to feed at regular intervals.

How to develop the child's mode

Instruction how to establish the child's mode

Step 1:

The first thing parents face when trying to set the mode - is the fact that the baby starts to cry, not getting what you want. Do not give your child too much crying. Each grudnichok able to get used to the regime, but can not do so abruptly. First, the intervals between feedings relatively small. With a weight of 2.5-3 kg child can be fed every 3 hours. As the weight gain, the intervals between feedings and the amount of food increases. By 6 months the baby can survive quite 5-hour intervals between feedings without showing displeasure.

Step 2:

Rarely have children immediately dispense with night feedings. Most biological clock starts to operate a child to 1-2 months. Mom's task - to help synchronize the watch with his. Feed him last night, my mother can wake itself newborn after 4 hours. If, however, it took less than 4 hours and the baby is already starting to whine that approach it for a while it is not necessary. Many children fall asleep themselves, someone helps pacifier. If the crying does not subside - give water baby. So you can help the child's stomach to get used to longer intervals.

Step 3:

There are many enemies feeding on the clock, but if you give the baby a pacifier or a breast as soon as he moved, then you are accustom to eat small portions. It is necessary to look at the child's condition. If he is hungry, clearly, it is possible to break the gap and give the pacifier is not within 4 hours, and after 3. If breastfeeding, try to maintain at least a 2-hour interval. In most cases, if a child eats, he may wake after unplanned feeding a little more than the norm. Thus, the baby itself will lead to normal schedule.

Step 4:

There are cases when the mother and the child should not hurry with the establishment of the regime of the day. If grudnichok sick, sluggish sucks and falls asleep while feeding, often wakes up crying the first days of his life, then there need to be very careful. Try to find out the cause of the constant crying, consult your doctor. To accustom to the routine of the day and night should be very gradually, setting up such a kid at a certain rhythm.