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How to devote more time to children

By virtue of their employment parents give children enough time. Communication is often limited to short phrases monosyllabic and household chores. The child is fed, shod and clothed, and the rest neither the strength nor the desire to no longer remains. This is bad, children need love and attention of parents. Slightly changing the usual routine of the day, you will be able to give them much more time.

How to devote more time to children

Instruction how to devote more time to children

Step 1:

Pre-plan your day. Do not try to "move mountains" reasonably expect the time and effort. Prioritize. Important and urgent business is listed in the top of the list, while the secondary can be deferred until later or break their performance for a few days. Consider the route and its movement, so you can save a lot of time.

Step 2:

You do not have to drop everything and sit next to the child. Involve children in household affairs. The joint work is much better than watching the next cartoon. Children themselves are often asked to teach them anything. Cook with your child, to plant, care for animals involved in repair or needlework. Thus, you not only communicate, but also to share its experience to children.

Step 3:

Do not dismiss a child on the grounds that his employment or fatigue. Even on the way to the store, you can chat and exchange news.

Step 4:

Most rebyatnyu take along for the ride. If you have friends with children, organize a family reunion. Select a place where there is a playground nearby. While adults talk, children plenty oncoming and simulated. Come out with your family on nature. Walking, active outdoor play and fragrant barbecue - children love these activities.

Step 5:

Think of a family tradition. This may be a gala dinner on the Saturday evening of board games on Wednesdays or Sundays going to the movies or to the pool. Try not to let such events and to maintain the tradition, it is a very family pulls together.

Step 6:

During the day, talk on the phone with your child, learn, how he was doing, what's new. If you are on a business trip or a visit in another city, be sure to hang out in the evening with the children by phone or via Skype. Discuss how the day went, tell her the news, good night. Regardless of their age, each child needs for warmth and parental attention.