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How to discipline your children

In the process of education of the parents instill in the children the necessary skills and polite communication, to explain what is good and what is bad, but another important aspect is to accustom the child discipline and responsibility. Not to be confused with punishment, discipline - it is a method to correct your child's behavior without shouting and aggression.

How to discipline your children

Instruction how to discipline their children

Step 1:

Set a clear schedule and try to stick with it. The kid should know that after the evening bath should be sleeping, not noisy games - catch. Daily Diet inspires the child a sense of stability and tranquility. Do not break the usual routine without important reason on that, otherwise the baby starts to act up, because you have once made concessions, then you do it again.

Step 2:

Do not ask the impossible. You must be certain that the child is able to fulfill your orders. Presentation of children demands that they can not perform, offends and hurts the child's psyche, as well as creating a conflict situation. Secure the kid perform simple household duties or charge him care for a pet, so the baby will feel the importance and responsibility.

Step 3:

Define the boundaries of what is permitted. Set reasonable and just demands and limitations, baby needs to know what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior, so you can avoid the appearance of children of a sense of injustice that children experience when they are punished for the mistakes and omissions, or for any incidental misconduct.

Step 4:

Be calm and confident in their actions. Children immediately feel doubt parents and enjoyed it. Tantrums, disobedience and open revolt - all this is a test of parental authority and stability. When parents break on crying or showing other signs of weakness, the child is no longer simply to see them reliable and trustworthy leaders. Stay calm and do not succumb to provocation, it is important not to overdo it with discipline, everything - still in the first place should be love and care.

Step 5:

Make time for your children, communicate with them, because it is often disobedience, and a desire to do everything in defiance of parents - it's just a signal that the children do not have enough love and attention. Stay close to children, assist and guide them through life. Kids who are familiar with the discipline at an early age, is much easier to adapt and tolerate unpleasant life situations.