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How to distinguish a uterine pregnancy from an ectopic

Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous disease. The fertilized egg develops outside the uterus. The most common cause of this disease lies in the violation of the functions of the fallopian tubes, due to their obstruction and adhesions.

How to distinguish a uterine pregnancy from an ectopic

Instruction how to distinguish a uterine pregnancy from an ectopic

Step 1:

If you have had genital infections (chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.), endometriosis, an inflammatory disease of the genitals, then you fall into a risk group. At the slightest suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, be sure to visit the gynecologist. Even if you find out that you are pregnant and feel great, but you know about the increased likelihood of ectopic pregnancy in your case, do not wait for symptoms of anxiety. Just go for a visit to the doctor.

Step 2:

At the very beginning of pregnancy symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy is virtually impossible to distinguish from normal. The woman going on a missed period, the mammary glands swell, nausea, drowsiness, weakness, etc. Therefore, to make sure in the normal course of pregnancy, go through ultrasound.

Step 3:

Turn on the analysis of the presence in the body of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. Its concentration is slightly low in pathological pregnancy. In this case, the doctor pushes on the hCG standards depending on the term. That is why the low level of this hormone often shows no significant result on a home test.

Step 4:

If an ectopic pregnancy in the days when had to begin menstruation, instead appear spotting. This kind of reaction of the endometrium to the presence of a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube. Do not confuse the symptom with spontaneous abortion or menstruation.

Step 5:

If menstruation has come much later than the expected date of discharge and have an unusual, meager character, be sure to make sure that this is not an ectopic pregnancy. For this analysis to hand over or make HCG pregnancy test. With a positive result, consult a doctor.

Step 6:

After the inspection pass additional tests that will help determine the increase of hCG. In normal pregnancy hormone number is increased by 2 times every other day. If not, then most likely you have an ectopic pregnancy.