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How to distinguish an allergy from potnichki

Red spots and pimples on the body of the baby may indicate several things. Firstly, it can be harmless, but it requires attention, potnichka. Secondly, a serious disease such as an allergy. If you have any of these symptoms must be distinguished one from the other and correctly provide the necessary medical care.

How to distinguish an allergy from potnichki

Instruction on how to distinguish allergy potnichki

Step 1:

An allergy is the body's increased sensitivity to any external stimulus. In children, it can occur, usually due to excess intake of allergenic foods: citrus fruits, strawberries, chocolate or other, seemingly quite harmless products. Usually, it begins to appear on the cheeks of the child in the form of a rather large red pimples and spots. The skin around them is quite condensed, and maybe a little swelling. Most allergies can be accompanied by fever.

Step 2:

Potnichka on the body of the baby occurs in places where the skin is often preet or sweats. For example, in different folds on the neck of a child, on its bum on contact with the diaper. Because of this, there appear small reddish pimples without obvious signs of inflammation.

Step 3:

Manifest these two diseases is practically the same. But to protect the baby, better to eliminate allergies. Recall that the new you ate yourself (if breastfeeding) or give him. And, maybe, you just have exceeded the maximum number of a normal meal. Eliminate possible allergen from his diet.

Step 4:

Remember that reliably determine the causes of such a reaction on the baby's skin can only be experienced pediatrician. Therefore, in the event of the first signs sure to consult a doctor. He will hold a thorough examination, consider the features of the baby food and, if necessary, give direction to the allergist. And that is already assigned to the correct medication.

Step 5:

Do not seek help from a pediatrician and engaging in self, you are risking the health of their child. For allergy is quite a dangerous disease that can cause serious consequences and even death.