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How to distinguish an ectopic pregnancy from the mother

Ectopic pregnancy - a dangerous pathology, in which the fertilized egg begins to develop outside the uterus. And if the woman in time will not be helped, it can be killed by the extensive blood loss and shock. How can you distinguish pathological from normal pregnancy?

How to distinguish an ectopic pregnancy from the mother

Instruction how to distinguish between an ectopic pregnancy from the mother

Step 1:

Ectopic pregnancy - a phenomenon rare, constituting about 1-2 percent of all pregnancies. Most often it occurs because of abnormalities in the fallopian tubes, adhesions and obstruction. The risk group includes women who have undergone genital infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, and others.), Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, endometriosis. All women who have there is an increased likelihood of ectopic pregnancy, you should visit the gynecologist at the slightest suspicion of pathology.

Step 2:

At the beginning of the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are no different from the symptoms of the mother: a woman has been delayed menstruation, swollen breasts, somnolence, nausea, weakness, etc. To determine whether the pregnancy, the doctor can only masterbatch.

Step 3:

Analysis for the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin and identifies it as in a masterbatch, and ectopic pregnancy. But if the hCG concentration is slightly lower than rely on the term, the doctor may suspect a pathological pregnancy. Sometimes, in case of this hormone is so small that the home test will not react.

Step 4:

Quite often when an ectopic pregnancy in the days when had to be menstruating, there spotting, which is a consequence of the reaction of the endometrium to the ovum in the fallopian tube. This symptom is sometimes confused with menstruation or miscarriage.

Step 5:

Suspected ectopic pregnancy may be at an unusually poor or had come with menstruation delay. In this case, do a pregnancy test or a test for hCG. And if the result is positive - refer to a gynecologist. He is likely to prescribe additional tests to determine the growth of hCG. When the number of uterine pregnancy hormone doubles every two days. If this does not happen - Pregnancy may ectopic.

Step 6:

Ultrasound can identify uterine pregnancy at the level of HCG 1800 Mel (a period of about 5 weeks). If such an amount of hormone the ovum is not visible in the uterus, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is very high.

Step 7:

If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy the woman's condition worsens, it is assigned a laparoscopy. For this survey, examining the internal organs with the help of a thin telescope. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, the fertilized egg is removed.

Step 8:

Fortunately, with the help of laparoscopy often can not save the fallopian tube that allows a woman to expect a normal pregnancy in the future. To increase this probability, before the planned conception is advisable to check this method again to determine the status of the pelvic organs and the fallopian tubes.