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How to do everything with a small child

Birth of a child - the greatest happiness in the life of every family. But in addition to the joy and emotion baby brings a lot of trouble. If there is a young mother helpers detachment in the face of her husband, grandparents, aunts, and other caregivers, it can shift the household chores for them, and devote myself to the kid. But what if relatives live far away, my husband is working day and night for the family or non-existent, and hire au pair is not possible?

How to do everything with a small child

Instruction how to do everything with a small child

Step 1:

First of all, forget about not withstand any criticism take prohibiting prepare a dowry for the newborn in advance. Take care of it during pregnancy because diapers, vests, sliders, bath, first aid kit, cosmetics and other items needed for children from the first days, but after giving birth to go shopping, wash, iron hard physically and time-consuming.

Step 2:

To recuperate after childbirth and to arrange full breastfeeding mother should eat well. In the last weeks of pregnancy zagotovte future use semi-finished products (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, etc.), to later save time on cooking. In the first weeks of life the newborn is difficult to find time for cutting meat or fish cleaning. Given the fact that the baby requires constant attention, the most that is capable of newly made mummy - to throw meatballs in a double boiler, cook a light soup or porridge. Over time, the baby set a specific mode, and you will learn how to allocate their time so as to cope with more complex dishes, but at first is better to err in advance.

Step 3:

In the presence of the Pope in the house upon him the obligation to purchase food, hygiene items, household chemicals and other household goods. If dad is not, arrange with a neighbor, which will carry out these functions, depending on your financial capabilities and good neighborly relations - for a fee or free of charge. In addition, in many cities there are online stores that deliver food to your home.

Step 4:

Walking often represent a long aimless wandering in the street, without which it is quite possible to do, putting the stroller with the child on the balcony, if apartment house or in the yard, if the house is their own. You free up a lot of time for household chores, and a favorite, while the child is sleeping quietly in the fresh air.

Step 5:

Watcher child can captivate toys, rattles, but it is better to cope with this task mobility for cots. Kid watching moving under the pleasant music figurines, and my mother at that time hosted at his pleasure.

Step 6:

The indispensable thing for a young mother - sling. It allows you to carry the baby in a prone position, that it does not harm the developing spine, baby is always at the mother, it can at any time to feed the breast, he is calm and happy, while at the same time, my mother both hands free.

Step 7:

Needless to say how much time it saves washing machine and dishwasher, blender, steamer and other appliances, and the inventor of diapers are not a mom would put up a monument. This greatly facilitates the life and care of the baby, so use the achievements of modern science to the fullest.

Step 8:

Still, the most important thing for a child - it's not a purely washed floor or ironed diapers and calm and even-tempered mother, so get enough sleep and rest whenever possible, especially when sleeping baby.