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How to draw a Christmas tree for kids

Young children paint with pleasure. Playing the object or phenomenon on paper, they are talented artists, do not seek to pass the physical resemblance, but clearly notice the characteristics and peculiarities. If you want your baby has mastered schematic drawing techniques, offer a ready sample.

How to draw a Christmas tree for kids

You will need:

- drawing paper; - Paint; - Brush; - Pens or pencils; - Simple pencil; - Eraser.

Instruction how to draw a Christmas tree for kids

Step 1:

Prepare a basis for drawing. To do this on a sheet of paper, pencil Draw an isosceles triangle. Its size will match the size of Christmas trees. Swipe from the top of the triangle line perpendicular to the lower base. Then divide the piece into three equal parts by horizontal lines.

Step 2:

In the lower and middle parts of the triangle draw diagonal lines, to get the silhouette of a Christmas tree. Draw a small rectangle below. It is a tree trunk. If Christmas trees, make her jewelry: beads, stars, garlands. Now you can paint the picture with paints, crayons or markers.

Step 3:

Continue the previous scheme and draw on fur-tree branches, resembling frills in multilayer women's skirts. To do this, perform deep wavy lines instead of horizontal bands of each of the three levels of the tree. Paint the picture.

Step 4:

The children of three or four years, it is best to paint finger paints. Draw brown vertical line. It is a tree trunk. Sloping short lines follow sprigs. It is not necessary to achieve of kids resemblance, it will come with time.