How To Draw A Rooster | Children




How to draw a rooster

Drawing with the child - is a great way to develop fine motor skills of hands, creativity and imagination of your child. Introduce it to wildlife - it is rich in different shapes and colors that can be passed through a drawing. For example, show the son or daughter of a rooster, consider his colorful images. To get started and teach young artists to paint birds using the palm or geometric shapes.

How to draw a rooster

You will need:

- sheet of watercolor; - A sheet of paper; - Finger paint; - The brush; - Pencil; - Eraser; - Colour pencils; - Optional: coloring, rooster image.

Instruction how to draw a rooster

Step 1:

Introduce your baby with finger paints. They will help to draw a rooster, if motility of children's hands yet sufficiently developed for drawing geometric shapes, flowing lines. First, try to mix paint for colorful prints. Let the child lubricates the fingers colored paints, adds to the basic tone drops of other colors, and puts "Print" on the chart paper.

Step 2:

Ask the young artist put on the thumb and palm of red paint. In the picture you can see a rooster, his feathers are brown, orange, blue, green. Accordingly, children finger paint brush with brown, medium - orange, etc.

Step 3:

To add to the future a cock tail medley, place a large orange - brown to blue - green; continue to experiment with a palette.

Step 4:

Make an imprint of children's hands on colored paper. To do this, spread his fingers: large - a cockerel's head and neck, so he has to stay upright. The rest of the fingers - a fan (bird's tail).

Step 5:

Help your child to finish the details. Let him dip the tip of your finger into the red paint and three times will make it to the cock head - turned scallop. Another print at the bottom - a small beard. Paws, spurs and picture the eyes with a brush.

Step 6:

Please note that if your cock will be too "well-fed", try a different pattern. You do not paint over the center of the palm.

Step 7:

The following step by step drawing require the child's ability to confidently carry out smooth lines, draw an oval. Before starting work, it is recommended to buy a coloring book depicting domestic animals and birds, or to print a desired image on the Internet. Advise your child how to paint a rooster colored pencils.

Step 8:

Take a sheet of thick watercolor - it is quite tight, so resistant to the eraser. Perhaps a beginning artist will have to erase the bad touches. First you need to draw two ovals: in the center of a large sheet (cock body) and a small top (head).

Step 9:

If we connect the two ovals smooth lines, you get a birds neck. The tail can be represented as a series of curved lines; wing - half oval and teeth-feathers. If the child mastered the basics of drawing, it will be easy to paint on the pencil comb, beard, beak and legs with spurs.

Step 10:

Together with the baby do pencil stroke pattern, and then you can start coloring pictures with crayons. To determine in advance with the color of each part and make them a pair of strokes.

Step 11:

Apply on the drawing fairly large strokes in the same direction, so that they looked like a rooster feathers. Let the child lightly presses the pencil. First apply one light and soft layer of strokes, then new layers are put on it. Over time, the young artist can master more sophisticated drawing technique wildlife.