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How to dress a child in kindergarten

Before going to the baby to kindergarten worried the whole family. And here there is a lot of questions, one relating to the child's clothing. After all, how will pipsqueak dressed, it depends on its future health. Sometimes children attending kindergarten, often suffer because long dress and so sweating. Outside, a toddler is very easy to catch a cold.

How to dress a child in kindergarten

Instruction how to dress a child in kindergarten

Step 1:

Of course, every baby is different, so you do eventually understand, that is necessary for your child. But first, it is useful to be reserved for simple donning clothes. Avoid laces, a large number of rivets, belts. for kindergarten clothes should be as convenient and easier.

Step 2:

As for the underwear and tights, it is best if your baby will be several sets of replaceable. Sometimes the children are steadily asking for a pot at home, several times a day wet panties. It affects the new situation, a child can forget where the toilet, or play too ashamed to tell the tutor about their need. So, 3-4 sets of change of clothes for the first time you will probably be required.

Step 3:

Tights better to choose from cotton fabric. They are usually easy to extend and quick to put on. Of course, the tights of synthetic fibers look much nicer and brighter, but to put them on their own most of the kids can not do.

Step 4:

Blouse in kindergarten suit without buttons. They are easy to put on and take over the head, it is not necessary to fasten. However, pay attention to the neck, it should be a good stretch. In winter, better wear turtlenecks. They are tight-fitting neck, which is very convenient in case the child does not clothe scarf.

Step 5:

With carefully choose outerwear. It is best suited for kindergarten set - jacket and pants. Well if your jacket will end with tight-fitting cuffs and bottom - gum, so much less snow gets inside. It is better if the collar of the jacket will not require a scarf and hood will be equipped with Drawstring and clamps to the child did not have to adjust it each time.

Step 6:

Pants in the garden is better to wear straps, they will not fall off. In addition, the back of your toddler dressed in overalls, will be closed, even if he is sitting on his haunches. Well, if the elastic leg ends so that they can easily pull the top of the shoe. And the main requirement for the top clothing - this impermeability.

Step 7:

As for shoes, the basic rule here - simplicity and convenience. Do not wear shoes in the garden with laces, especially if the child does not know how to tie them. Lightning is not too suitable option, they often break down at the most inopportune moment. The best option - loop fastener, fasten it under the force of even the smallest child.