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How to dress baby

Among the huge variety of children's clothes at any color, taste and price range is easy to get confused. Parents, succumbing to fashion trends or buying indiscriminately all motley infantile dowry, often do not know how to properly dress their children.

How to dress baby

Instruction how to dress the baby

Step 1:

The basic rule - children wear for the weather. On this depends not only comfort, but also the health of your child. Do not make the common mistake of many parents - no Kuta child. Too warmly dressed children get cold more often than babies that are easy to wear.

Step 2:

In warmer months, fine dress or shorts and t-shirt - great for walks. In the event of cool wind you can grab a light jacket. Be sure to take care of the hat for the baby to the sun baked not his head. In the off-season is a real salvation jeanswear. It is thick enough, comfortable and functional. Additional denim dress warm sweater, jacket and comfortable shoes - and that the child is ready to walk. Winter - the time of down light suits, hollofaybera, or Thinsulate padding polyester. They are well protected from the cold, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic.

Step 3:

Always make sure that the child has to wear exactly fit. Make a note of all children's sizes. Before you buy be sure to let the young dandy try on your favorite thing. Make sure that the seams do not rub the clothes and nowhere to hang and not bristling.

Step 4:

Children's clothing should be not only fashionable and beautiful, but also quality and safe. Check all seams, zippers and fasteners. Prefer things, made of natural and environmentally friendly materials. Besides the clothes should be comfortable, functional and endurance. Children are moving a lot and constantly get dirty, so things should be durable and easy to care for.

Step 5:

Children's clothing is bright and cheerful, but putting the child in all colors of the rainbow still not worth it. Instilling in him from an early age the taste and sense of style.