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How to dress fashionable boy

Mom wants to give his son the best of everything - from toys to education. But often they do forget that boys as well as girls, they want to look good. In pursuit of practical things moms sometimes forget about the aesthetic function of clothes and dress their boys in the standard of the same type of thing. Dressing nice children, we teach them to understand the style, color, learn to love yourself and impart flavor.

How to dress fashionable boy

Instruction how to dress fashionable boy

Step 1:

First of all, when choosing clothes for the boy is not guided by the principle "but not easily soiled" and "fit to run in the street." Buy nice clothes to his son, even for walking. Teach him to be careful and take care of the things, especially white. Give preference to the clothes made from natural materials.

Step 2:

Jeans ... They are always at the height of fashion. Just note that this year's returns greatly worn denim. Enrich your wardrobe with the children of jeans "scuffed up holes." And be sure to be a lot of pockets, both on denim pants and jackets on. And of course, do not leave without attention to the classic jeans - they, too, should be in the wardrobe of the boy.

Step 3:

Buy a shirt to his son in the cell and strip, as well as T-shirts with various prints. Just be sure to ask your child what is pleasant to him. After all, the clothes should be fun little tomboy. In the wardrobe of the boy should be a jacket, matching shades on with other things. Then you can safely send his son for the holidays, knowing that he will eclipse their peers. In addition to the jacket with shirts perfectly match jackets with zipper and sleeveless.

Step 4:

This year's fashion nautical theme. Bring a variety of clothes in the boy - buy him a few things in the strip. Such clothing is combined with almost everything.

Step 5:

In street clothes, preferably the presence of the hood, especially if it is trimmed with fur. Buy warm quilted jacket with a hood and add the image of lacquer boots, and your son will look like a little gentleman. And if you want something that is stricter, then pay attention to warm coats and raincoats.