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How to dress the newborn in March

The weather in March is quite unpredictable. One day may be warm and windless, and the next day - very cold and damp. But walking with newborn need every day. After all, the sun and fresh air it is very useful. It is only necessary to know how to dress your child so that he is not cold or hot.

How to dress the newborn in March

Instruction how to dress the newborn in March

Step 1:

A baby for a walk in the early spring did not wrap too tightly. At the same time wear it securely: in the body, a thin terry cloth jumpsuit, then light padding polyester jumpsuit and the same cap. Pram close special cape or raincoat. This will allow you to walk safely on the street with a newborn 1.5-2 hours.

Step 2:

Prefer piecework overalls. It will not blow, and the edges are not zaderutsya jacket, exposing the back. For early spring buy a suit, which is designed for temperatures up to -5. It must be sewn from easily washable and waterproof fabric. It is desirable that overall was not too voluminous and heavy, had a hood and elastic bands on the sleeves and pants.

Step 3:

Hat - this is an important part of baby clothes for a walk. Buy a model of the "tube." It performs two functions simultaneously - cap and scarf. The main thing that was warm headgear, waterproof and pleasant to the touch. For example, a woolen cap is not suitable for spring walks. It is better to put on two thin newborn caps. They protect from the wind, and will not allow sweat.

Step 4:

Wool socks and mittens leave home. On the legs put two pairs of socks (thin and insulated), and leave the pen open. Avoid warm blanket or shawl.

Step 5:

The dressing on the March grudnichka walk follow the principle of layering. It is better to put on a few crumbs blouses than one thick jacket. If he gets hot, remove the top layer, and if it freezes, add another. Most importantly, the baby is not blown in the wind. Do not think that wearing the baby warmer, you protect it from the cold. He soon gets sick from overheating and, as a result, the wet back than from the cold.

Step 6:

Baby still does not control their body temperature. So be guided by the weather, and their own feelings. If gathered on the street, put on crumbs at least one layer more clothes than on themselves.